Do you know ? In Harbin, besides VHL, there is the bandy game

Published 2018-01-17 09:45 | Author admin
      On January 12, a press conference for the men's team B event in the 2018 world bandy championship was held in Harbin. Game will be held on 27 January to February 5th, held in the Harbin sports university, there will be from China, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Estonia and other eight countries, nearly 200 people, will also be the international federation of bandy annual general meeting and board meeting.
      There are eight teams in the men's group B competition at the bandy world championship. They are divided into two groups, group A: Mongolia, Japan, Ukraine and Estonia. Group B: Netherlands, Slovakia, China, somalia.
      There are 22 games in the competition, including group, One-fourth, semi-final and final. Group game: The second half of Group a 45 minutes; Group B was 30 minutes in the second half, 13-16 in the second half 45 minutes, 17-18 in the second half 30 minutes, 19-22 in the second half of 45 minutes. In order to let more people know bandy, understand bandy, participate in the Bandy, let the project in our province and even the country widespread popularization and promotion, let more people participate in the ice and snow movement, the provincial government relies on our province ice and snow resources advantage, in the first proposed contractor Bandy World Championship Men B group tournament, It was approved by the National Sports Administration Center for Winter and the International Bandy Federation. At the same time, in order to better develop the bandy, the International Bandy Federation approved the establishment of the International Bandy Federation Bandy College of Ice Sports in Harbin Institute of Physical Education.