Chinese Women's Bandy Team Creating success in the 2018 Women's World Championships in China

Published 2018-01-17 09:38 | Author admin
      The 2018 Women's Bandy World Championship was attended by nearly 200 athletes from eight of the world's most powerful teams, including Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, the United States, Estonia and China.
      Chinese women's bandy team are all made of members from women's bandy team in Harbin Sport University. This is the third time Harbin Sport University has organized a team to represent China in the Women's World Bandy Championships. In the competition, the players overcome the cold weather, the lack of conditions on the ground and other difficulties. In January 10th, after a tenacious struggle, Chinese women's bandy team won the game by 5: 0 victory over the Estonian women's team, which become the first win of it's three times in the women's bandy world Championships, making a breakthrough in history. On the next day, January 11th, Chinese women's bandy team made again a victory by 12:1 over the Swiss team, creating it's best success in the world bandy Championships.
      Look forward to the Chinese women's team in the future competition, to climb the peak, to surpass themselves,  to make good achievements, and to make a greater contribution for the development and popularization of China's Bandy sports.